Letter From Rhonda

  • Letter From Rhonda

Hello everyone

Bless you all. I hope things are going well for you. This is a note to to let you know that Gina’s family has kindly directed the estate funds that were in the original Highway Ministry account back to us. I have started forwarding those funds to India along with the regular monthly payments that you give. Ezra is helping the poor in his community and also distributing funds at monthly meeting he holds with pastors who are reaching out to help people in their villages. Ezra covers a wide and also remote area so he is going to purchase a second hand people mover vehicle. He is also going to construct a compound wall around Railpet church as it is a snake prone area which are plans that he had discussed with Gina. Gina also supported AlexTalari who directs Joy ministries. A couple of you also support him. Alex provides assistance to many including education & vocational training for children and adults who have disabilities and those who are visually and hearing impaired. I have forwarded your funds to him also. Thank you all for your support. Your generosity makes an impact and saves lives.

Be blessed

kind regards


Update From Ezra

  • Here’s an update from Ezra

,Dear sister Rhonda,    Thank you so much for the photos which reminded me (of) the beautiful memorable times with sis.Gina. My daughter Kezia and son in law Solomon’s has started a church in Hyderabad named The New Jerusalem. They have opened a facebook page with ‘The New Jerusalem’ where they give the services live. https://www.facebook.com/TNJhyd/

Please continue to pray for them. We can’t thank God enough for bringing Solomon back to life and using him mightily for His glory.
My younger daughter Tabitha has graduated Medicine and is now preparing for masters seat. Sis Gina had supported my both children financially in their education. We thank God for her love and care towards our family.
The ministry is going on well by God’s grace. Thank you so much for your continual support and prayers after Sis. Gina. We bless you and all the sponsors with us right now.

Your brother in Christ
Pastor Ezra

Sponsors Letter

  • Dear Sponsors

Thank you for faithfully giving to support the men, women & children who are receiving vital assistance through Highway ministries in India.

I am continuing to send funds & make contact with Ezra every month.  Ezra has asked that I take a friend & visit them in India, however I am not able to at this time.  He & his lovely wife Vani are well & are doing all they can for their community & the Pastors they oversee. Their son in law is recovering well from an accident & is planting a church with Ezra’s daughter Kezia in Hyderabad. Ezra & Vani’s youngest daughter, Tabitha, is wanting to continue studies to become a nurse.

  • Photos of India.

Gina’s son recently forwarded some of her notebooks & (Early) photos of India. I thought it would be good to share a few of the photos with you all. Most of the photos I have chosen are of Gina with a few of Ezra & Vani, children, friends & family. Both Ezra & Vani have an amazing Godly heritage with parents & siblings who are also very strong in faith. I have added a photo of their fathers, both of whom I met when I went to India with Gina many years ago.  Ezra’s father Ps Israel (on the left in the last photo) was a dynamic preacher with signs & wonders following & Vani’s father Ps Bushinan (pictured on the right) would pray for several hours daily. My favorite photo is the one with Ezra, his brother & Gina laughing.

kind regards

God bless, Rhonda

Ps Israel and Ps Bushinan
Ezra, His Brother, and the Highway Ministries founder, the late Gina Hanrahan
Grace Home Children
Ezra & Vani, children, friends & family.


Highway Ministries in Ponnur

  • Letter from Ps Ch Ezra

Dearly beloved in Christ,
Greetings in the Matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in this letter we want to share to you the work of expansion of kingdom of God through Highway Ministries in the villages of Guntur District,Andhra Pradesh.

  • Outreach

In the year 1996 God’s Missionary to India Late sister Gina Hanrahan came to A small town Ponnur, Guntur district to start the work of God, i was her field director.Living Waters
Together we built 23 churches in the remote villages and raised more than 100 orphans over the years, Out of whom many are ministers of the Gospel now.

  • 20 Sponsored Pastors

Currently in our Highway ministries there are 20 sponsored pastors to whom we are supporting monthly 2,000 INR, working in those areas in which we (Sister Gina and myself) did evangelical field works.

  • Widows and Orphans’

We are also into social work for the development of the socially outcasts especially with widows and orphans, we are also helping poor people to be self dependent by helping them get a job or start a small scale business like tailoring, taking tution for children, and food carts.

  • Rise Up Training

We are currently running an evening educational centre which also functions as a place for mentoring children who are from abusive family background at one of our churches.

We have raised up youth of the church to take up roles in preaching the gospel and sending them for bible training and giving them first hand experience in evangelism and planting churches.

So basically we are doing field evangelism, social work, church planting and raising up next generation leaders in the body of Christ.

  • Ongoing Support

Now that our dearly beloved sister has entered into His Glory, we need your continued prayer and financial support for the ministry here in India, so that money won’t be an hindrance for the expansion of His Kingdom. We encourage you to support Highway ministries in prayer and deed and be a partaker of the expansion of the Kingdom of God in this end time season. I thank everyone who is faithfully continuing the support. We thank you and Bless you in Jesus Name

Loads of love from India – Pastor Ezra

Letters from Pastors

  • Dear Supporters (From Rhonda Ruff)

I am continually amazed by your generosity & faithfulness. We are sending funds each month. Thank you so much for your prayers & financial support.

Ps Ezra has sent a few photos of their last meeting & also letters from Ps David Raju, Ps Joshua & Ps Lazarus which I am forwarding to you.

Dearly Beloved in Christ 
I greet you in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I thank God for sis. Gina s life. Through her prayers i have recieved many blessings and breakthroughs in my family and ministry.
When the woman of God sis. Gina visited us first time, we dint have a proper house to stay. Because of her prayers, God gave us a house to stay.
Thank you so much for being a part of highway ministries and continuing to support me even after sis.Gina left us. Thank you for being with us and supporting us with your prayers and finances.
By God s grace ministry is going on well. I am ministering in a village named Dharanikota. God is doing his wonderful works in our midst.
A man came to church with bleeding in Urine. God healed him miraculously after being prayed for him. All glory to God. God is confirming His word with such testimonies.
Please do continue to pray for my family and ministry. We bless you and pray that you reap hundred fold harvest for sowing into my life every month. Thank you for your faithfulness.
Your beloved Son
K.David Raju and my wife Krupa.

Dear beloved in Christ
Greetings in the mighty name of Christ Jesus.
I would thank ps Ezra for helping us build spiritually and financially.
I sense the spirit of sis Gina working in my family and ministry from the time she went to heaven. This is amazing.
I am being very much blessed by the messages of pastor Solomon every month at the pastors fellowship.May God use him even more powerful in His kingdom.
God has been doing many healings in our ministry.
A girl named Tulasi who is 6 yrs old was admitted in hospital because of intestinal problem. Doctors checked on her and told they need to do the surgery. They came for prayer. God healed her instantly and the doctors told surgery is not needed.because of this miracle the girl s mother decided to get baptised. All glory to Jesus.
Thank you so much for you sponsorship. We bless you and i and my family are praying for you.
Please pray for me, my wife and my daughter and son.
Yours thankfully
Pastor k.Joshua

Dear sister in Christ
Greet you in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I am ministering in a village named Narnepadu.
Thank you so much for choosing me to support me every month. Your sponsorship is helping me to meet my daily needs and im able to focus on ministry even more.
The ministry is going on well by God s grace. Have given baptism to two people in the month of April. I have recieved the call of God in my life and came into full time ministry and started a church in this village that God had showed me. Its been two years now and nearly twenty people are attending the service every week. I am so much encouraged and built up in the spirit by attending the pastors meeting rhat Ps Ezra is conducting every month. We all are learning lot of new revelations and God is enlightening us by His word and strengthening us every month. I am so happy to say that spiritual and material needs are being met every month at this monthly pastors gathering. Thank you so much for sponsoring me and standing with the ministry im doing here.i pray God bless tou abundantly.
Please pray for me and my family.
Pastor Lazarus.****

Your support is appreciated & so important.  

God bless you all