Letters from Pastors

  • Dear Supporters (From Rhonda Ruff)

I am continually amazed by your generosity & faithfulness. We are sending funds each month. Thank you so much for your prayers & financial support.

Ps Ezra has sent a few photos of their last meeting & also letters from Ps David Raju, Ps Joshua & Ps Lazarus which I am forwarding to you.

Dearly Beloved in Christ 
I greet you in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I thank God for sis. Gina s life. Through her prayers i have recieved many blessings and breakthroughs in my family and ministry.
When the woman of God sis. Gina visited us first time, we dint have a proper house to stay. Because of her prayers, God gave us a house to stay.
Thank you so much for being a part of highway ministries and continuing to support me even after sis.Gina left us. Thank you for being with us and supporting us with your prayers and finances.
By God s grace ministry is going on well. I am ministering in a village named Dharanikota. God is doing his wonderful works in our midst.
A man came to church with bleeding in Urine. God healed him miraculously after being prayed for him. All glory to God. God is confirming His word with such testimonies.
Please do continue to pray for my family and ministry. We bless you and pray that you reap hundred fold harvest for sowing into my life every month. Thank you for your faithfulness.
Your beloved Son
K.David Raju and my wife Krupa.

Dear beloved in Christ
Greetings in the mighty name of Christ Jesus.
I would thank ps Ezra for helping us build spiritually and financially.
I sense the spirit of sis Gina working in my family and ministry from the time she went to heaven. This is amazing.
I am being very much blessed by the messages of pastor Solomon every month at the pastors fellowship.May God use him even more powerful in His kingdom.
God has been doing many healings in our ministry.
A girl named Tulasi who is 6 yrs old was admitted in hospital because of intestinal problem. Doctors checked on her and told they need to do the surgery. They came for prayer. God healed her instantly and the doctors told surgery is not needed.because of this miracle the girl s mother decided to get baptised. All glory to Jesus.
Thank you so much for you sponsorship. We bless you and i and my family are praying for you.
Please pray for me, my wife and my daughter and son.
Yours thankfully
Pastor k.Joshua

Dear sister in Christ
Greet you in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I am ministering in a village named Narnepadu.
Thank you so much for choosing me to support me every month. Your sponsorship is helping me to meet my daily needs and im able to focus on ministry even more.
The ministry is going on well by God s grace. Have given baptism to two people in the month of April. I have recieved the call of God in my life and came into full time ministry and started a church in this village that God had showed me. Its been two years now and nearly twenty people are attending the service every week. I am so much encouraged and built up in the spirit by attending the pastors meeting rhat Ps Ezra is conducting every month. We all are learning lot of new revelations and God is enlightening us by His word and strengthening us every month. I am so happy to say that spiritual and material needs are being met every month at this monthly pastors gathering. Thank you so much for sponsoring me and standing with the ministry im doing here.i pray God bless tou abundantly.
Please pray for me and my family.
Pastor Lazarus.****

Your support is appreciated & so important.  

God bless you all



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