Highway Ministries in Ponnur

  • Letter from Ps Ch Ezra

Dearly beloved in Christ,
Greetings in the Matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in this letter we want to share to you the work of expansion of kingdom of God through Highway Ministries in the villages of Guntur District,Andhra Pradesh.

  • Outreach

In the year 1996 God’s Missionary to India Late sister Gina Hanrahan came to A small town Ponnur, Guntur district to start the work of God, i was her field director.Living Waters
Together we built 23 churches in the remote villages and raised more than 100 orphans over the years, Out of whom many are ministers of the Gospel now.

  • 20 Sponsored Pastors

Currently in our Highway ministries there are 20 sponsored pastors to whom we are supporting monthly 2,000 INR, working in those areas in which we (Sister Gina and myself) did evangelical field works.

  • Widows and Orphans’

We are also into social work for the development of the socially outcasts especially with widows and orphans, we are also helping poor people to be self dependent by helping them get a job or start a small scale business like tailoring, taking tution for children, and food carts.

  • Rise Up Training

We are currently running an evening educational centre which also functions as a place for mentoring children who are from abusive family background at one of our churches.

We have raised up youth of the church to take up roles in preaching the gospel and sending them for bible training and giving them first hand experience in evangelism and planting churches.

So basically we are doing field evangelism, social work, church planting and raising up next generation leaders in the body of Christ.

  • Ongoing Support

Now that our dearly beloved sister has entered into His Glory, we need your continued prayer and financial support for the ministry here in India, so that money won’t be an hindrance for the expansion of His Kingdom. We encourage you to support Highway ministries in prayer and deed and be a partaker of the expansion of the Kingdom of God in this end time season. I thank everyone who is faithfully continuing the support. We thank you and Bless you in Jesus Name

Loads of love from India – Pastor Ezra

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