Sponsors Letter

  • Dear Sponsors

Thank you for faithfully giving to support the men, women & children who are receiving vital assistance through Highway ministries in India.

I am continuing to send funds & make contact with Ezra every month.  Ezra has asked that I take a friend & visit them in India, however I am not able to at this time.  He & his lovely wife Vani are well & are doing all they can for their community & the Pastors they oversee. Their son in law is recovering well from an accident & is planting a church with Ezra’s daughter Kezia in Hyderabad. Ezra & Vani’s youngest daughter, Tabitha, is wanting to continue studies to become a nurse.

  • Photos of India.

Gina’s son recently forwarded some of her notebooks & (Early) photos of India. I thought it would be good to share a few of the photos with you all. Most of the photos I have chosen are of Gina with a few of Ezra & Vani, children, friends & family. Both Ezra & Vani have an amazing Godly heritage with parents & siblings who are also very strong in faith. I have added a photo of their fathers, both of whom I met when I went to India with Gina many years ago.  Ezra’s father Ps Israel (on the left in the last photo) was a dynamic preacher with signs & wonders following & Vani’s father Ps Bushinan (pictured on the right) would pray for several hours daily. My favorite photo is the one with Ezra, his brother & Gina laughing.

kind regards

God bless, Rhonda

Ps Israel and Ps Bushinan
Ezra, His Brother, and the Highway Ministries founder, the late Gina Hanrahan
Grace Home Children
Ezra & Vani, children, friends & family.


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