Update From Ezra

  • Here’s an update from Ezra

,Dear sister Rhonda,    Thank you so much for the photos which reminded me (of) the beautiful memorable times with sis.Gina. My daughter Kezia and son in law Solomon’s has started a church in Hyderabad named The New Jerusalem. They have opened a facebook page with ‘The New Jerusalem’ where they give the services live. https://www.facebook.com/TNJhyd/

Please continue to pray for them. We can’t thank God enough for bringing Solomon back to life and using him mightily for His glory.
My younger daughter Tabitha has graduated Medicine and is now preparing for masters seat. Sis Gina had supported my both children financially in their education. We thank God for her love and care towards our family.
The ministry is going on well by God’s grace. Thank you so much for your continual support and prayers after Sis. Gina. We bless you and all the sponsors with us right now.

Your brother in Christ
Pastor Ezra

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