Letter From Rhonda

  • Letter From Rhonda

Hello everyone

Bless you all. I hope things are going well for you. This is a note to to let you know that Gina’s family has kindly directed the estate funds that were in the original Highway Ministry account back to us. I have started forwarding those funds to India along with the regular monthly payments that you give. Ezra is helping the poor in his community and also distributing funds at monthly meeting he holds with pastors who are reaching out to help people in their villages. Ezra covers a wide and also remote area so he is going to purchase a second hand people mover vehicle. He is also going to construct a compound wall around Railpet church as it is a snake prone area which are plans that he had discussed with Gina. Gina also supported AlexTalari who directs Joy ministries. A couple of you also support him. Alex provides assistance to many including education & vocational training for children and adults who have disabilities and those who are visually and hearing impaired. I have forwarded your funds to him also. Thank you all for your support. Your generosity makes an impact and saves lives.

Be blessed

kind regards


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